Crazy Ass 2 Hot Sauce Gift Set – Gourmet Challenge Dice Game – Prefect Premium Gourmet Gifts for Men – Try If You Dare!

  • Price : $24.95
  • Price : $24.95
  • Price : $24.95
Style:Dice Game

CHALLANGE: yourself or a friend to make it through all 12 – 0.75-ounce hot sauce bottles from MILD to KICK YO' ASS HOT!

HOT SAUCE DICE GIFT SET: Whether you’re looking for personalized hot sauce gifts for the Hot Sauce lovers in your life or you’re just looking for delicious sauces with heat, this will sure be a hit!

QUALITY: This is one of the best superior quality gourmet hot sauce kits on the market today and probably the last hot sauce gift kit you will need to ever try! Just check our reviews.

PERFECT: for the fans of spice and the heat experience with an unmatched flavor profile! Makes an excellent gifts for men.

FLAVOR: These hot sauce's add an incredible layer of flavor to meat, chicken, seafood, eggs, gravy, and vegetable dishes.

Crazy Ass 2! Play this Crazy Ass Challenge by yourself or your friends & family! Roll the 12 sided die and taste the hot sauce of that corresponding number. How Crazy are You? Each sauce adds an additional ingredient to the recipe to increase the heat level. (12 Sauces total!)

  • THIS ULTIMATE HOT SAUCE GAME SET INCLUDES: 12 – .75oz - bottles of the hottest hot sauces, peppers and powders in the world. Each Crazy Ass hot sauce adds an additional ingredient to the recipe to increase the heat level for a total of 12 sauces. Try all 12 if you dare!
  • HOW TO PLAY: This is pretty much a twisted version of the classic game of dice but with a set of the hottest hot sauces around. Just roll both dice and taste the hot sauce that number corresponds to. Challenge yourself to try all the sauces or play with others until there’s 1 crazy ass left standing!
  • TOP-NOTCH QUALITY: These hot sauces are made using the hottest peppers in the world like habanero peppers, ghost peppers, scorpion peppers and Carolina reaper peppers. Made with premium quality ingredients, this is one of the best gourmet hot sauce kits on the market today. Don't believe it? Just check out the reviews!
  • THE GIFT SET FOR CRAZIES: Can't figure out what to get the daredevil in your family this holiday season? Well, we've got an idea. Get them this ultimate game set meant for crazies who love a good dare. With flavors that range from MILD to KICK YO' ASS HOT these hot sauces are not for the weak. Only play the game if you can handle the hellfire heat or if you're just plain stupid!
  • GAME-NIGHT FAVORITE: With the hottest hot sauce kit around, this gift set was made to be played by friends! What better way to entertain guests at your next party than by challenging them to try all 12 flavors. Never again will your weekly family game-night be a borefest with this ultimate game of dice.